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Tax Accounting Services in Delhi

When you allow IABS to serve you and your business, we understand our responsibilities and duties to serve you better each day. Any delay or inaccuracy in filing of the statutory returns may result in levying heavy penalties on your business. Here at IABS not only your statutory returns are filled accurately and timely but professional expertise is used to provide tax advisory services.

Tax Advisory

  • Will provide the analysis of the tax saving schemes where investment is required before the end of the financial year.
  • Advice on the payment of advanced tax according to the periodic analysis of the financial statements. This will help the customer in saving of any interest or penalty which can be levied for short payment of taxes.
  • Advice on tax laws encouraging investment in business leading to saving in taxes.


  • Compliance
  • Designing / Restructuring Salary Structure to Minimize Tax Burden.
  • Dispute Resolutions
  • Advance Tax Estimation and Deposit.
  • Incentives Application's
  • Assessing the Liability Towards Deferred Taxes.
  • Effective Tax Management , Tax Structuring and Advisory Services.
  • Providing Regular Updates on Amendments, Circulars, Notifications & Judgments.
  • Tax Planning for Corporates and Others.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Getting Sales TAX Registration under Central Sales Tax Act and StateVAT.
  • Liaison with VAT Authorities
  • Help in Obtaining Statutory Forms.
  • Getting Sales Tax Assessments done
  • Help in Obtaining Statutory Forms.
  • Getting Sales Tax Assessments done
  • Filing and Pleading Appeals Wherever Necessary.
  • Consultancy on Matters Related to Delhi Works Contract Tax Act 1999.
Service Tax
  • Registration Under Service Tax
  • Assistance in Availment of Notified Abatements.
  • Consultancy for Maintenance of Proper Records.
  • Utilization and Availment of Service Tax Credit in Accordance with the Service Tax Credit Rules, 2002.
  • Consultancy for Proper Accounting for Service Tax.
  • Computation of Service Tax Payable.
  • Consultancy on various Issues Relating to Service Tax.
  • Preparation and filing Returns.
  • Compilation of Data of Cenvat Credit .
  • Getting Assessments Done
Tax Deducted At Source (TDS)
  • Advice on all Matters Related to Compliance of TDS/TCS Provisions.
  • Monthly Deposit of TDS Electronically/Manually.
  • Obtaining Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).
  • Issue of Monthly/Annual TDS Certificates.
  • Periodic Review of TDS/ Withholding Tax Compliance.
  • Filing of Quarterly E-TDS/Manual Returns.
  • Computation of Monthly TDS.
  • Filing of Correction Statements.
  • Monthly Reconciliation of TDS Due and Deposited.
  • TDS Assessment.

Value Addition in Tax Services

  • Accurate and timely filing of TDS, VAT, Service Tax etc. returns at no extra cost.
  • Monthly Information Analysis to help the decision making and tax planning
  • VAT and Income Tax planning

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