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NRI Services

NRIs are very important section of Indian society. They are looked upon as market changers in many parts of the country because of their capability of investments. There are different tax laws for NRIs. Because of lack of time and information NRIs need honest and specialised consultants. We at IABS meet up with that need of NRIs. We provide them the following tailor made services to NRIs:

  • Investment Decisions in Various Saving Schemes.
  • Filing of Wealth Tax Returns
  • Tax Advice and Tax Planning.
  • Information on Doing Business in India
  • Filing of Income Tax Returns.
  • Assist in Setting up of Business in India

Value Addition in NRI Services

  • A to Z information on doing business in india
  • Advice on financial planning
  • Regular updates on relevant business and tax flaws in india
  • Provide the comparative data of banks, insurance companies etc. for beneficial decision making
  • Provide linking services for different business requirements

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