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Financial Services

Finance is the backbone of every business. It is not only important to raise finance but it is equally important to reduce cost of finance. The lending institutes are more and more depending upon the information provided by the financial statements for taking lending decisions. The rate of finance directly varies with the credit rating of the business which depends upon the financial statements.

IABS helps both in obtaining finance and reducing the cost of the same.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Stock Statement.
  • Preparation of Financial Data/CMA for Banks etc
  • Preparation of Monthly/Quarterly Information to be Submitted to Bank i.e. FFR(Fractional Flow Reserve) and QIS (Quarterly Information System).
  • Assistance in Obtaining Financial Subsidiaries.
  • Preparation of Project Reports.
  • External Credit Borrowings (ECBs).
  • Credit Rating.
  • Financial Management Services

Value Addition to the Financial Services

  • Negotiation for best interest rates.
  • Presentation of financial project reports.

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